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New official fees for top level domains in Argentina

New official fees for domains in Argentina - Legal Core Group

On January 11th, 2024, Resolution No. 5/2024 of the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency was published in the Official Bulletin of Argentina.

This resolution establishes the new fees for the registration, transfer, and renewal of top level domains managed by NIC Argentina. Some of the domains administered by this organization include those with the extensions .ar,, and

Additionally, the official fee for resolving disputes over domains under the jurisdiction of NIC Argentina has increased.

New web domain registration fees in Argentina

In light of the above, the new fee for registering domains with the .ar extension will be $25,500 (Argentine pesos), and for and extensions, will be $8,500 (Argentine pesos).

Likewise, the fee for domain dispute resolution will be $28,800 (Argentine pesos).

The new fees have been in effect since January 15th of the current year.

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