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About Us

LEGAL CORE GROUP ™️ is an Intellectual Property, Innovation and Compliance consultancy based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that operates internationally and whose main focus is connecting LATAM with the world. It was born with the idea of ​​protecting intangible assets throughout the world without the need to hire services in each country where you want to operate.

What makes us different?

Our commitment is to offer an efficient and professional service at an international level, according to the needs of our clients. Our key is to abide by ethics and transparency.

Why Intellectual Property, Innovation and Compliance?

In Legal Core Group ™️ we believe that providing a highly specialized service in these areas allows us to apply the experience acquired over the years, allowing the service to be of quality. Intellectual Property implies knowing and protecting what the intangibles of an organization are, Innovation allows breaking into the market in ways that were not known before, and Compliance allows operating in compliance with the provisions of the regulations on Personal Data and Corporate Criminal Responsibility. That is why we understand these three verticals as complementary to each other.

Who is responsible for Legal Core Group in Argentina?

The head of the Legal Core Group in Argentina is Natalia Safran, a lawyer from the Universidad Católica Argentina and a master’s degree in Intellectual Property and Innovation from the Universidad de San Andrés. She has extensive experience in Intellectual Property & Privacy. In her professional career she has worked in highly prestigious studios in Argentina – including the Bruchou, Fernandez Madero & Lombardi – and also served as Intellectual Property Portfolio Manager at One IP International studio in Sydney, Australia.

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